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Tuesday 1/28/20 2G ESP - Today's Orange Theory Workout Intel – Tuesday 1/28/20 2G ESP


4 Minute Run For Distance



4 Minute Row For Distance – Note Your Distance


Half The Group Goes To Weight Floor While Other Half Stays For Row- Run


Row Your Distance From Before

0.1 Mile Run

12 - Squat Jumps

Row Half Your Distance

0.1 Mile Run

12 - Squat Jumps

Repeat Half Your Previous Row/ .1 Mile Run / Squat Jumps Until Time Called

Weight Floor

Block 1

Mini Band – Mid Band – Crab Walk

Mini Band – Mid Band – Single Leg Elevated Glute Bridge

Mini Band – Mid Band – Toe Reach

Three Mini Band Exercises... Which I’m Forgetting The Names Of RN As I’m Late For Work 😱😂 But It’s Along The Lines Of Crab Walk, Hip Raise With One Leg Off Floor And Toe Reach

Block 2

TRX - Alternating Reach

Hollow Hold Close Grip Chest Press

Elbow To Knees

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